Wedding Altars and Backdrops - Flower & Leaf Walls

Brass Arches & Candelabras


We have REAL Brass Arches and Candelabras. Making your church or event setting regal. 

We stock over 15 in our studio.  From Gold, to White Gold.  Unity Candle 3 Prong to Full 

15 Candle Spirals and many more.

Wood Trellis and Backdrops


This  Natural Wood Trellis is a beautiful piece that we dress for your Altar, Entryway, Backdrop or Other Focal Point. 

White Arch Trellis


This White Trellis is the perfect piece for your Vintage or Other Backdrop, Ceremony or Accent Piece.  

Flower Wall


Our Flower Wall is a wonderful compliment to your head table or other specialty table.  Let us create one for you. 

Leaf Wall


A Natural Beauty - the Green Leaf Wall will add a dramatic natural touch to your event.