Corporate Events and Event Planning Decorations

Corporate Event Planning


We have all you need for your Event. We can provide full service decorations, balloon party supplies, event planning and more. Whether you’re wanting to wow a client, show appreciation to your staff, arrange a retreat, or converse about a conference, E.Y.A  is your source for successful corporate occurrences of all kinds.  At the end of the day, E.Y.A provides professional class and personal style to create an extraordinary affair that embodies your concept and expresses your sentiments.

A Corporate Event is a reflection of your company's image!

Whether the event is a retirement party, product launch, conference, fund-raiser, marketing program, milestone celebration or gala event, Elegantly Yours Affairs, LLC  makes the experience as impressive as the people and company it celebrates.  From conception to execution to the onsite operations, we handle everything. We will organize and execute each and every detail with flair and without any unexpected surprises or expenses.

We begin with brainstorming and conceptual theme development of your event. Once the theme has been agreed upon, we will make sure that your site is perfect. We’ll design the event completely.  Looking for something beyond the traditional party or event? We create new twists on old favorites and come up with unique ideas to suit your crowd.

Whether it’s a simple dessert social or breakfast buffet, an afternoon coffee break or a traditional holiday party complete with lavish décor and exceptional displays, we take the worry and the work out of the décor planning and coordinating so you can concentrate on other parts of the event or simply enjoy. Big to small, elaborate to practical, we can create an experience to fit your group size, venue needs and timeline.

Elegantly Yours Affairs, LLC creates a memorable experience for guests. From the planning and consulting side to decor, we can conceptualize everything you need.


Formal Special and Social Events

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby Showers and More

 It could be a baby’s baptism or a breathtaking bridal shower. It could be a big birthday or an amazing anniversary. At E.Y.A. we understand life is full of a million little miracles each and every day. We also believe those moments deserve a memory. But we understand that even though everyone enjoys an exciting celebration, not everyone enjoys executing one. That’s where we can help! E.Y.A. exists to make all those special celebrations happen without the hard work or the headache. With E.Y.A., your cause for celebration will create the kind of memories that will be continuously recalled for years to come.  

E.Y.A creates designs and decor for special events and weddings that you will not see anywhere else.  We customize each detail of your event. Your guests will be transformed into another world as we "Bring Your Dreams to Life." For your party decorations come to a certified event planner. 

Camden, Columbia, Sumter and surrounding areas.